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Due to increasing demand Sands Agricultural Machinery Ltd are looking for the following personnel to join their skilled team:

Service Technician 
We are looking for an experienced Service technician to work as part of a dedicated and friendly team. The suitable candidate is required to have sound technical knowledge of hydraulic and electrical systems. Agricultural experience, knowledge of crop sprayers and GPS systems would be desirable but not essential as full training will be given.  The role requires a self motivated individual to work under their own initiative when dealing with both routine and emergency breakdowns. They will also have excellent communication skills, have a flexible approach and work well as part of a team. In return we offer an excellent remuneration package and company vehicle.

Electrical Engineer 
Working as part of the production assembly team, you will require a comprehensive and in depth technical knowledge of 12v, 240v and CANbus systems. This includes their design, layout, routing, fault diagnosis and testing. An enquiring mind would allow you to work objectively, identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency. As part of the assembly team, you will be required to gain a sound working knowledge of a crop sprayer and experience in GPS systems would add additional value to the team.

Apply to:

carisoprodol online uk

Telephone: 01692 580522

Thomas Sands
Sands Agricultural Machinery Ltd
Main Road, Brunstead
NR12 9ER