Launch of HORIZON sprayer with Category 4 filtration and Tier 4 final engine.

“VISION” series replaces SLc range in 3000, 4000 and 5500L capacities.
New cab with curved screen and total armrest control.
Boom umbilicals carried in an Energy Chain.
Revised plumbing and sprayline switching for faster response.

SLc 4000 E added to range. Longer 5.5 chassis with low 4000 L tank and 4000 transmission.
Prime & Purge recirculation improved with a venturi to cater for wider booms.
Single sprayline and triplets plus Prime & Purge becomes standard fit.

TIER 3 Deutz engines with same power ratings replace tier 2 units.
40m BOOMS with gullwing fold plus end flip over introduced.
SLc 5.5 added to the SAM range. The largest production UK built sprayer with
5500 L capacity, full dynamic braking, 207 HP and ‘drive by wire’.

Revised CAB cladding to provide increased glass area and narrower waistline.
Revised interior control panels to suit.
Softer cab mounts to reduce engine noise further.
LOAD SENSING auxiliary hydraulics introduced across the model range.
Automatic boom lifting, HEADLAND CONTROL introduced.
EXTRA HIGH CLEARENCE versions (1.25m) of SLc 3000 / 4000 introduced.

Fully automatic CLIMATE CONTROL replaces manual air-conditioning.
DUAL RIDE becomes available to increase operator comfort under very rough conditions.

Model SLc series introduced with a cranked chassis to lower the center of gravity by 150mm to increase stability. Revised wheel motors on the SLc 3000 and new tier 2 Deutz 914 engines of 150 hp and 175 hp.
Latest HILLSIDER version of SLc introduced with 3600L self leveling tank, 4ws and ‘Smart Drive’ traction control system.
36m Three fold Gullwing boom introduced.
Air-cooled 914 engines replaced with Deutz 2012 water-cooled units rated at
175 hp and 187 hp.

Model SL series introduced with a totally revised cab interior, all new narrow spraypack and tank design and SELF LEVELLING hydro-pneumatic vehicle suspension.

Model ‘M’ Class introduced. Totally new R.O.P.S. safety cab with futuristic styling. GRP engine covers, side skirts and front and rear mudguards. Multifunction Joystick control. Lowline spraypacks with 3000L or 4000L
2000L machine discontinued.

Model 3000L & 4000L LOWLINE machines replace the 2500L and 3600L units.
Engine power increased to 131 hp and 161 hp.
New sliding axle design with optional hydraulic assistance introduced.
Gullwing folding booms replace the up and over type with widths up to 32 m.
PRIME and PURGE SYSTEM introduced.

Model LOWLINE series introduced with capacities of 2000L, 2500L and 3600L.
Revised wheel motors with single hydrostatic pump. New tank design lowered
the center of gravity significantly.
4 cyl 106 hp engines replaced the 5 cyl 101 hp units in the 2000L machine.

30 m. 3 fold up and over boom introduced.

‘Intelligent’ 4ws introduced throughout the range.

Models SAM2500 and SAM3600 introduced with 120hp and 148hp engines, new ‘S’ series wheel motors and Twin hydrostatic pumps
New R.O.P.S. Cab with revised interior fitted throughout the range.

Last Model F.C. produced. 84hp. 2500L.
Model SAM2000 introduced, permanent 4wd, 101hp. 2000L.

Model FCH(T) HILLSIDER introduced with revised weight distribution and Automatic tank leveling.

Model FCH(T) introduced based on the FCH II but with 3600L, 148hp and a longer wheelbase.

Model FCH II introduced with true 50 / 50 weight distribution and adjustable axles.

4wd and 111hp engine fitted to FCH.

Model FCH introduced. The first successful Hydrostatic sprayer in the UK.
2wd, 87hp Deutz engine. 2500L, easy demount, vehicle suspension.
24 m. 3 fold up and over Boom introduced.

Pneumatic Sprayer Control introduced.

Sands introduce the first Self-Propelled Forward Control Crop sprayer in the UK.
David Brown based Model F.C. 63 hp. 2000L, 18m Booms,
Twin spray lines.