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The Horizon 4000E is one of our most stable sprayers which can easily cope with the steepest of hills and being mounted on an extended chassis lowers the maxiumun height of the tank by 155mm. This both reduces the centre of gravity and greatly enhances the control of wider booms. This 4000E still offers high spraying outputs with exceptional build quality and reliability. The 4000E models benefit from having our unique Panoramic cab. Designed in house and built in Germany this cab features the latest Category 4 filtration. Comfort, visibility, build quality and ergonomics are to the highest standard and the impressive low noise levels take operator wellbeing to the next stage.

The Horizon 4000E has replaced the renowned Vision 4000E and carries on its ability to offer a high capacity machine at a relatively low overall weight.  This allows it to tread lightly in damper conditions whilst still giving the performance required when spraying demands are at their highest.

Power is from the latest Deutz Tier 4 Final, 6-cylinder turbocharged engine with 214hp and driving through Poclain Boosted Braking wheel motors. These are now fitted with full independent brakes on the all axles for improved stopping capabilities when travelling at higher road speeds.  The use of Poclain’s Smart Drive ‘Easy’ system now links engine rev’s to hydraulic drive giving a smoother, quieter drive on the road with noticeably reduced fuel use.

All models benefit from a ‘load sensed’ hydraulic system which allows all operations to be carried out at low engine revs, reducing fuel usage and enabling swifter control of booms when spraying. It also allows a fast fill pump to be used in conjunction with the spray pump to give quicker filling whilst still being able to draw clean water through the induction hopper. Boom folding and unfolding is smooth and quick and enables booms to be folded in unison even on sloping ground.

‘Dual-ride’ suspension is a further development of our hydro-pneumatic system which offers the user a firm or soft ride. The firm setting is primarily for on road use to give a controlled feel at speed and softer when spraying in rough field conditions.

Booms up to 40m are available in either a rigid contour or our unique VG steel boom for boom levelling systems. Sands manufactured steel 3 fold boom sprays at 12, 24 and the wider width and can be fitted with the latest Hypro ‘DuoReact’ nozzle bodies for use with fertiliser dribble bars.